In Review

Over the course of this blog I’ve realized the difficulties of creating content on the web and distributing it to other people. It’s so easy to create the content but getting eyes onto the screen has been hard. Twitter and Facebook helped a little with getting more people to see it and create blog traffic, but these only really worked when the person the post was about shared the content on their social media as well. Even then, it was hard to get more people to see it all. Something to include in the blog would probably be video content as well as written content. Having these personal stories only has so much impact on the reader and having the ability to actually hear the person’s voice and how they feel about what they’re saying could elevate the content to a whole new level.

Running this blog has been a fun experience too. Getting to know people more and sometimes even helping them share their stories with people they may not be able to has been really rewarding. Another benefit of the blog is having a tangible example of what kind of content I can create and maintain on the web to show future employers. Maybe someday I’ll be running social media and a blog for someone or some company and think fondly about my blog I did in a class during my undergrad. Maybe I can continue with this and see where it goes.

My most popular week was October 10-16, 2016. I had 266 views and 155 visitors to my site. I think this was mostly because the person that the post covered was someone who had a lot of interaction on her social media. When she posted it on Twitter and Facebook, those people that normally interact with her clicked on the links and visited my site. That post also happened to be my most popular as well, with 162 views. The thing that surprised me most about the stats of the site was I had a view from someone in India.

Whenever someone I did a post about shared their post, they had family and friends responding to it and saying such nice things to them. It was really cool to read the responses and know that I helped create that interaction. I wish the blog had taken off and I wasn’t so incredibly busy to where I could have gotten more into it and gotten more people involved. Hindsight is always 20/20 though, right?


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